May 29, 2010

NYC street scenes

We always have a great time wondering around New York. The top photo is at dusk, as we were leaving to get dinner on our first night in town.

This is Pearl Paint. Not many buildings have been painted, in NYC, but it is a paint store, after all.

Bob and I reflected in the hubcap of a bus. We're waiting to cross the street, of course.

I stepped outside our hotel to see if I could get a good shot of this crane, belonging to the elevator company that was working next door. As I turned, after taking this shot, a bicyclist knocked me down. It was an accident, pure and simple. The bicyclist stopped to help me, but everyone else just ignored the situation!

There really are a lot of dogs in New York. These are the only two I snapped, this year. This is in Soho.

We were walking from the Javitz Center, up West 37th Street to dinner, when we ran across these horses.


  1. I really enjoy all your pictures...these are especially nice since they aren't of the typical landmark spectacles! Have fun!

  2. NYC is a very unique place for sure. Never know waht is right the corner.

  3. Love the reflection in the hubcap. And glad to hear no one was hurt. How strange to be hit by a bike...

  4. Thanks for these wonderful photos of NYC! I love the one with the dogs in Soho. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hope you aren't too sore from your collision with the bicycle! Ack! Love all the street scenes. The reflection in the hubcap picture is pure genius composition!

  6. great photos Jan! glad you're ok after the accident with the biker!

  7. I enjoyed the photos. I've never been to NYC but would LOVE to go.

  8. I'm always jealous every time you go! I know you have an awesome time!!


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