April 18, 2010

Fun Monday

The host today is Tan, of EastCoastLife, here's her topic:

When it comes to gift-giving and receiving, men and women differ on many things. Are men easier to please? Show us the best and worst gift(s) you have ever received from your spouse/partner/lover?

Above is the worst gift Bob has ever given me. Hot house, florist roses for Valentines Day. Why, you ask. We were young and broke, and Bob is not the least bit romantic. (BTW, I'm not too romantic either; kinda a match made in heaven.) So, expensive roses for Valentines day just had no meaning to me, except unnecessary expense. He never repeated that mistake.

Over the years, Bob has given many great gifts, but the best gift he ever gave me was himself. Bob's a great guy, and we've been married almost 46 years.

This is the beginning of our marriage, we're still working at this great gift. Bob will be 70, in June and we're still happy.


  1. The best relationships get better and better with age! Best wishes to the both of you for many more years to go!

  2. Thsnks for visiting FT-L. I think I misunderstood the fun monday meme -- you can take my link off if you want to! I didn't realize it was themed. I put mine in because (for a change) I actually had posted something that was sort-of funny.

  3. Love to hear stories like yours, Jan!

  4. The best gift! Life-long love.

    My post won't go up until about 11:30 Sunday night, but I did think about putting my son down as my best gift. But I think we all know that. He was born on our 4th anniversary - and it really was the best one ever!

  5. What a handsome couple!

    I agree with you on not gifting roses on Valentine's Day. They cost a bomb!

    The money would pay for a week of ingredients for my homecooked meals. lol

    We count our blessings for having such a loving spouse. Bob and you will be our model, we wish to grow old together and still be totally in love.

  6. What a cute wedding picture ! I too don't like to get flowers ! First they are expensive, then they don't last long, I prefer something which lasts and flowers I like in the nature !

  7. What fun pictures and congratulations on 46 years! Next year will be 25 years for us and I agree, the best gift is being together and sharing adventures and memories.

  8. Wonderful pictures with a wonderful story. :) thanks for sharing.

  9. every so often a nice cut flower surprise is very effective. Usually they are out of our own flower garden, tho.

    you two must have a secret -- what kept you together and solid!

  10. Awwwww what a sweet love story...I feel the same way about my other half. Roses are a waste of money...I do love flowers but prefer ones that last at least two weeks or more.

  11. On Monday 26, I will host, the topic is on my blog since yesterday I think Eastcoastlife forgot to mention it on her blog.


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