March 28, 2010

While working on Saturday, I dealt with two separate rude customers. They were both over 60, old enough to know better. Up front, I have to say, I have very few rude customers at Barnes and Noble, but these two were gems.

Customer #!: Will you look in your data base and tell me if you have Homer's Odyssey?
Jan: We do, just follow me.

I take her to the poetry section and ask her if she has a translator in mind.

#1: What are we doing in poetry?!!
Jan: It's an epic poem.
#1: No, I asked for Homer's Odyssey.
Jan, displaying a book title: Homer - Odyssey.

The Odyssey (Fagles translation) by Homer: Book Cover

#1: No, Homer's Odyssey, about the cat!!!!

Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper: Book Cover

Customer #2: I'm looking for a book about playing the banjo.
#2: I can't figure out how your music books are arranged, they make no sense.

Jan: The books are put on the shelves according the the company's shelving guidelines.
#2: They make no sense.
Jan: We usually have 1 or 2 banjo books in stock, I'll check and see what's in the store.
Jan: It looks like we have Banjo Camp in the store.

Banjo Camp! by Zhenya Gene Senyak: Book Cover

#2: I don't want a game, I want a book!!
Jan: Sir, it's a book, you asked for a book.
#2: It doesn't sound like a book, it sounds like a game.

We walk to the music books, I kneel down to find the book.
#2: Oh, don't do that, just forget it!


  1. As my (senior) friend would say, some people just get too old to remember their manners!

  2. I was visiting my mom over the weekend, and we had a conversation about seniors and manners. LOL She had been at her weekly pinochle game at the senior center and two players started arguing about a meld (?). One of the players called the other a b*tch, threw down her cards and stomped out. Needless to say, Mom was appalled (and secretly amused).


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