March 28, 2010


At our house spring means flowers, these are from our yard and around the neighborhood, and getting ready for the baseball season; we're huge Dodger fans. You can go here, to read the story behind this photo of Babe Ruth paying his bail, at the Long Beach jail. I took this outside, because in the house I kept getting lots of glare and reflections.

It's been seven months since I've participated in Fun Monday. My friend Jan and I were chatting about how we missed the old photo challenges, and she's the host this week, for a photo challenge! So, I signed up! (I'm working, 9-4, today, so may be slow getting around to visit.)


  1. Your flowers are so beautiful...we are still waiting for the blooms to burst open...most trees here are still in bud...just a few more weeks and we will see alot more color. Thanks for playing Jan..we missed you. BTW love the photo of Babe Ruth...what a treasure!

  2. Spring certainly brings out natures masterpieces Jan, thanks for visiting.

  3. WHOOOAAA... I forgot about baseball!!

  4. Jan - I love the vibrant colors in your flower collage. Nothing says spring more than beautiful flowers. Oh yes, and baseball too!!!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous flowers, Jan! Happy Easter to you, Bob and family! :)


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