March 22, 2010

Monday Book Give Away, #31

This week I'm giving away WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGED, by Gail Collins. This is an ARC; the hardcover has been selling like hotcakes, since it's release in October. If you're young and want to know what it was like for women of my generation, or if you're just plain interested, let me know.

When Everything Changed is a dynamic story, told with the down-to-earth, amusing, and agenda-free tone for which this beloved New York Times columnist is known. Older readers, men and women alike, will be startled as they are reminded of what their lives once were—"Father Knows Best" and "My Little Margie" on TV; daily weigh-ins for stewardesses; few female professors; no women in the Boston marathon, in combat zones, or in the police department. Younger readers will see their history in a rich new way. It has been an era packed with drama and dreams—some dashed and others realized beyond any one's imagining.

If you're interested, leave a comment. I will keep the comments open until Sunday afternoon and then announce the winner on Monday morning when I offer a new book. The winner will chosen by the Random-Number-Generator.

The winner of last week's book, The Christmas Cookie Club, is Jan, posting famously as The Ellis Family Cincinnati.

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