January 18, 2010

Monday Book Give Away, #22

This week the give away is four Science Fiction paperbacks. It's what my great husband, Bob, reads and these are some of his favorite authors. The books are all mass market and well- read. If you love sci-fi, or just want to expand your reading horizons, these may be for you.

Kris Longknife Undaunted (Kris Longknife Series #7) by Mike Shepherd. - Kris Longknife encounters some peaceful aliens who have come to warn humanity of an unidentifiable force that is roaming the galaxy, obliterating everything in its path-a path now leading directly toward the human worlds.

The Service of the Sword (Worlds of Honor Series #4), Vol. 4 by David Weber (Editor) - Readers can't get enough of Honor Harrington and her world, and here David Weber is again, accompanied by some of the top science fiction writers in the field, with new adventures of the best starship commander in the galaxy, and explorations of previously uncharted corners of her universe. It's a party-and you're invited!

Strength and Honor (Tour of the Merrimack Series #4) by R. M. Meluch - Captain John Farragut and the crew of the U.S.S. Merrimack face their greatest challenge as Caesar Romulus declares war on the United States of America with a direct attack on Earth. The Merrimack retaliates with an assault on the Roman capital world of Palatine, and in the midst of the chaos, the Hive descends on Earth. With the battle raging, Farragut finds himself in the middle of a final deadly showdown.

Patriots by David Drake - The corrupt Earth government is sending an army to Greenwood to remove the pioneers who discovered and settled the planet: the potential profits are too great to leave the world to scraggly ne’er-do-wells!
Though the rugged individualists of Greenwood may be fractious and disinclined to agree on most things, the greedy politicians of Earth will learn a harsh lesson if they think the settlers won’t join together to save their livelihoods and homes! Under Yerby Bannock, who never walked away from a drink or a fight, the Greenwood patriots will face thugs in the night, lawyers in a distant court, traitors in their own ranks—
And, if they have to, a fortress built to shrug off the assault of a battlefleet!

If you're interested, leave a comment. I will keep the comments open until Sunday afternoon and then announce the winner on Monday morning when I offer a new book. The winner will chosen by the Random-Number-Generator.

Since there were only 3 entries last week, I asked Bob to be my random number generator, and he said "2". That's Paula Lemos, her blog is private.

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