January 16, 2010

What not to do in the bookstore

1. bring your own chair!

2. sit in the aisle, blocking the access of other customers.

Just before we discovered this elderly man sitting in the aisle of the teen section, we had a complaint about an "old man" sitting in our comfy chairs, wearing a red plaid shirt, near the cafe, asking young girls for their phone numbers. Hopefully, this may be a coincidence.

3. Ask young girls for their phone numbers.


  1. LOL.

    May I add "4. Talking loudly on your cell phone"?


  2. Thanks for the laugh!

    #6 Slurp soup out of a thermos.

  3. Keep an eye on any strange old men in your bookstore and I'll watch out for any I see I mine. You were smart to take his photo...in case any more complaints arise. What's he doing in the teen section, anyway?

  4. Jan, I hope it wasn't this guy causing so much trouble and bothering young girls... But I have to tell you our B&N used to have comfy chairs all over thestore and now there are none. I miss them! :)

  5. Woo! This is more than a little disturbing! Is it worth taking this photo to the police and charging the guy with being a public nuisance?

  6. I think that he probably figured that the teen section would be the quietest part of the bookstore, and a good place to get a little undisturbed reading done while his wife shopped elsewhere.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog - I had a hard time choosing where to read first when I found you!

  7. Ha! You have to give the guy credit, he has skill AND creativity! BTW, I'm in California.

  8. Our daughter worked at the library for two summers and there are some stories to be told about the people who make themselves at home there. Unfortunately, it makes it difficult to utilize the library for regular patrons.

    I miss the old days of libraries and bookstores being a quiet place to go and think and find treasures among the shelves.


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