December 26, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, Bob and I had a great time at Kimberly and Franscisco's home. It was the first time we'd met them and their extended family. Sharon was right when she said we'd fit right in. She said, "They're like us, very casual and a little weird". Yes they were, and we fit right in. Cisco's mom, Carmen made three kinds of tamales, yum, they were divine. Kim's parents Carol and Gary were there, and her brother and sister-in-law, and lots of female kiddos. Poor Oden was surrounded by young girls.

I ended up with one of Kim's serving spoons, pretty classy. Kim, you said you read the blog, I'll return it next week. Sorry.

Today I have an 'on-call' shift at B&N, I called and they said to come in, so I'll be there from 12-4PM. Bob says it's all my fault, for being a good bookseller. So, I'll go to B&N, instead of working on my green quilt. It's all green and white. very different.


  1. Beautiful serving spoon.

    Have fun at B&N and help the economy selling more books! Have you read "Through Violet Eyes"? Still one of our favorite reads! And it was the author's first book!


  2. All the stores are very busy now...B&N is lucky to have your expertise and service! Sounds like you had a great Christmas!


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