December 27, 2009


I'm going to ramble a bit.
  • Bob's out shopping for a new flat-screen TV. I've finally given in, but I'm not going to make the decision, (I usually make all the decisions at The Family Prytz). He's just going to have to live with whatever he decides.
  • November was the most expensive month we've had in 45 years of marriage. We had major auto expenses and we both got new hearing aids, among a couple of other things. My hearing aids were 10 years of and new ones were way past due; technology is wonderful. Bob had some he never wore, because he didn't like them. We both love our new hearing aids, we didn't even go for top of the line and they were still $4,000. a pair. Now, the reason I'm telling you about the money-side, which I rarely do, is last week I had a "hearing aid scare." I went to take them off, and one was missing. I about died. I told Bob, "One of my hearing aids is missing", and he said, "DON'T EVEN JOKE ABOUT THAT". Well, I searched the house and car, we'd been out doing a lot of errands and there was a very high wind, so I concluded it was carried away by the wind, and I was DOOMED! Sharon and Oden had a sleep over on Christmas Eve, and when Sharon was making the bed and straightening the guest room, she found my hearing aid. Evidently it'd fallen out while I was freshening the room, (read - trying to put away the mess), before their visit. What a great gift that was.
  • Quilting has become my new hobby. For a couple of years I was beading, mainly making necklaces, I really enjoyed making jewelry, but I didn't want to sell my creations, so I had to stop. After all, how many necklaces can one woman wear? So, quilting has taken over. I'm going to start selling the quilts, though. I want to finish a couple of more and I'll open my shop some time in January. I'm thinking I may sew some "stuff" other than quilts, so I named the shop Janice Elaine Sews. I'll make an announcement when the shop opens.
  • The name of the shop comes from Sharon. Whenever she'd wear one of my necklaces to work, she'd claim the designer was Janice Elaine. It got so the people she works with would ask, "is that another Janice Elaine Design?" And, "will she make one for me?" Sharon always said, "No, only for me". I always got a kick out of her necklace stories, and decided to use my first and middle name for the etsy shop.

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  1. I love the name of your new business. Sounds elegant! I'm sure you'll be successful!



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