October 27, 2009

Pay It Forward

In September, 2008, I signed up for a Handmade Pay It Forward. I received a beautiful handmade apron in August. Part of the agreement with this pay it forward, is you have 365 days to send your recipient(s) something handmade. One of my mottos is "Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today"; so, I couldn't wait a whole year to finish my commitment. When I posted my Pay It Forward in August, only one blogger was brave enough to sign up.

Lisa, of Lisa's Chaos, here's what I'm sending you, a light weight, flannel-backed quilt. The fabric on the front is from a collection called "Happy Campers". I thought it fit your personality perfectly. I hope you love it.

And the back
Be sure to check Lisa's blog for your chance to enter her Handmade Pay It Forward.


  1. very cute quilt, I love the happy campers line! I don't have that one, I'm trying to be good.


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