October 27, 2009

Yet, again

I really didn't do much, today. Went to the post office to mail my packages to Lisa and Elissa, in the morning; the rest of the morning I read. Took a brief nap, woke up at 4, with a swollen tongue. That is one of the symptoms of Angioedema I was warned to watch for and told to come back to the ER, immediately. So, I did.

The personnel in the ER are really great, they took good care of me, then sent me home. I have been following all the instructions, and I'm certainly not taking the offending med., but apparently there's enough in my system to still cause problems.

So, I'm back on the road to normal, whatever that is, and should be good to go, soon.

Photo has nothing to do with the story, it was taken this summer at the San Diego Zoo.

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  1. Glad you are on the mend! That is an amazing photo. Wow - the macro on the camera must be super. My DH is looking for a camera that can take closeups of his flowers. Can you share the make and model?


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