October 25, 2009

ER visit

About 1:30 AM, I woke up and my lips hurt, so in the dark I put some lip balm on them and went back to sleep. When I got out of bed at 6:30, the left lower quadrant of my face felt funny, and it was thick (swollen). I thought of two things a stroke or Bell's Palsy, neither great but of the two I was rooting for Bell's Palsy. I didn't hurt, and I really wasn't worried, it's the no-fear thing I have going, so I made my breakfast, and read the newspapers, then read my email and google reader.

When Bob finally got out of bed, I told him. He quickly showered and didn't eat, just said let's go.

The doctors ruled out both a stroke and Bell's Palsy, yeah! They're pretty sure it was an allergic reaction to an ace inhibitor I'm taking for hypertension. So, I'm not taking that any more. I'll contact my doctor tomorrow to find out my alternative.

I'm it take it easy for awhile, so I'll quilt and read and bother Bob. Right now I look very funny, and no, I'm not showing you a photo.


  1. I have visions in my head of what you look like. Glad to hear that it wasnt major. Rest and Good luck Bob!


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