October 19, 2009

Driving, driving, driving.

I have a busy day, again, today. Lately, they're all busy. First, I'm driving to San Diego for an appointment, then to Orange County to take Oden to soccer practice. I've been volunteering for soccer practice duty for about a month, since Oden's dad lost his "taxi privledges". Practice is twice a week; this way Sharon only has to leave work early once a week, I get to visit with the "kid" and Sharon buys dinner before I drive home.

Drive time, a little over 4 hours; I think I'll sleep well, tonight.


  1. You are such a good grandma...

  2. What we won't do for our grand kids!

  3. I love the shot and you're so good to volunteer for soccer dtuy.

  4. Visiting with "the kid" or not, you are a good, generous person. 4 hours is a LOT! I hope I'm that good of a grandmother one day!

  5. Busy is good. Have fun and sleep well!


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