June 23, 2009

North Carolina

After a busy two weeks of vacation, it was wonderful to be "home" at Carrie's house. They picked us up at RDU, Sunday evening. It was great to see everyone. Carrie is a wonderful daughter and hostess, and we took the first part of the week unwinding. I took a walk each morning; they live in a lovely neighborhood.

One evening their neighbors Kelly and Bill, had us all over for dinner. It was a great time.

We borrowed her Jeep a couple of times and did some exploring. On one of our outings, we went to the North Carolina Art Museum, in Raleigh. After a few attempts, we found it, and it was a great museum. They are undergoing a renovation and new construction so some of their exhibit space was closed, but what we saw was great. I saw a Georgia O'Keeffe and some Andrew Wyeth's that I wasn't familiar with. Admission was free, another bonus.

On Friday, Brett became ill with a fever, poor kid, he was really sick. Twelve years ago, I caught Whooping Cough from him, this time Bob was the lucky recipient, he spent our first week home in bed.

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