June 22, 2009

Newspapers, worth your time.

There's a lot to talk about newspapers, lately. About how they really aren't necessary, how easily we can replace newspapers with the internet. I'm on the opposite end; while I love the internet and use it all the time, I love holding a newspaper, reading it through, and seeing what some of the best writers out there have to say. Some of my favorite authors are, or have been, newspaper columnist.

Sandy Banks is one of my favorite columnist at the Los Angeles Times. Her column on 6/21 is marvelous and worth your time. The column is a follow up to one she wrote several weeks ago. Please click here for the column, it brought happy tears to my eyes.


  1. We are on the same page about newspapers. This is part of our morning routine, a cup of coffee and reading the paper. We don't want to sit at the computer to read about local and world events.

  2. I do not want to read an online newspaper as I feel I'm missing out. So when I want a paper - I want it on paper. :)


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