June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bob

Bob and Oden, at dinner last night.

Today is the start of Birthday Season, at our house.
It actually happens in birth order, too.

Bob's the oldest, and today is his birthday.
Next, is me, in two weeks.
Then the next day is Carrie,
born 27 minutes after my birthday was over.
Then Sharon, 16 days later.

All concise, within 31 days.

We couldn't have planned it better,
but of course, we didn't plan any of it.


  1. Happy Birthday to Bob and all that follow!

  2. Two complete and utter goof balls! Happy Birthday Daddy :o)

  3. Happy birthday to the entire clan. That is a great way to celebrate..all in one month...we could be so lucky!

  4. Oh Happy, happy Birthday Bob! I hope you enjoyed your day! I hope it was very special! Love and hugs! :)


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