October 1, 2017

The Ultimate Game Day Weekend

This is the 3rd Ultimate Game Day Weekend I've done with Jay Buckley Baseball Tours.  I've also gone on 4 of their just Baseball Tours.  They're a great company.

This tour started in Chicago, then we bussed to Green Bay for a Packers game.  This was the Thursday Night Football game that had the lightning storm and we had to evacuate the stadium.

Next, we went back to Chicago for a Cubs game.  It's always great to be at Wrigley Field.

Then on to Minneapolis, where we saw a Twins game and a Vikings game.  The people in the above photos are fellow travelers who I've gone on other tours with.  Amazing!

See those stripey overalls?  They were for sale at both the Packers and the Vikings team stores.  I saw lots of people wearing them, too.

After this tour, I flew home to LAX but didn't go home to Murrieta.  I spent the night at the Hampton Inn and left the next day for a tour of Spain!  That will be my next post.
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