June 28, 2017

Strolling around Atlanta, Inman Park Food Tour

I just got back from another Baseball Tour.  I went to Atlanta a day early in order to see a bit of the city.  Atlanta is a huge place, geographically, and I didn't have a car, so I settled on a walking food tour.  I used a car service to get to Inman Park for the walking tour.

This is the 3rd walking food tour I've done, this one is called Atlanta's Inman Park Food Tour.  I honestly didn't realize that I didn't take photos of the food we tasted!  What a dork.  I will tell you that we had 6 tastings during our 3.5-hour walk, and they were delicious and LARGE!

What I did take photos of were the scenery and architecture.  Inman Park was Atlanta's first suburb, and our guide covered the start, rise, decline and renewal of the area.  I really recommend this tour, if you have some time during your next visit to Atlanta.

Loved this tiny garden between buildings.  Do you see the rabbit?

The tour goes on "rain or shine", we had more rain and no shine.

This is the Iron Maiden; it is a 2 person jail utilized by the Police Department in the 1800's!  Boy, Bob would have liked to see this.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some to the wonderful homes in Inman Park.

These are two examples of the "tiny doors" that populate Inman park.

This piece of art is on the Atlanta Beltline.  It's made from found items and it was wonderful.  Below is a different perspective.

The area is full of art.

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