April 30, 2017

I went on a cruise

On March 25th I left Orlando for a 3-week cruise.  Yes, life is hard.

This is how the cruise came about.  On our last cruise, for our 50th anniversary, Bob and I met a great couple, Mark and Rhonda, and ended up spending most of our dinners with them.  Both Bob and Mark were retired policemen, Bob from LAPD and Mark from Western Australian.  We all hit it off and kept in touch.  Last year I decided that I'd be "ready" to go on a cruise this year. I contacted Mark and Rhonda asking that they let me know when they next cruised.  They emailed back almost immediately that they had just booked a cruise and hoped that I would join them and another couple.

Mark, Rhonda, Jan, Verna, and Garry.

So we cruised the Western Carribean, then went up to Bermuda before crossing the Atlantic and stopping in Portugal and ending the cruise in Barcelona.  The five of us stayed in Barcelona for 7 days and had a great time.

One of the highlights of this trip was meeting up with another bookseller, Melissa, from B&N.  Her career has let her see a lot of the world, right now she's in Madrid, and came to Barcelona to have dinner with us.  Such a treat.

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