March 21, 2016

World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day.  I'm not a poet, but I do enjoy some poetry, so I thought I'd share two by the same poet, today.

Poems:"My Dead Daughter" and "I always turn the radio" by Robin Merrill from Laundry and Stories 2005 © Moon Pie Press.

My Dead Daughter

Every spring
my dead daughter spraypaints
on the road where she died.

My dead daughter has a flute
at the grammar school
for kids who's parents can't afford
a flute of their own.

My dead daughter
sends fifth graders
to art
every year.

This year
instead of marching with them
my dead daughter is helping
send her classmates to college.

My dead daughter's
changing the world.

I always turn the radio

when I stop at the
by the white cross
where you died

I always turn the radio
some sort of ceremonial
moment of silence

I forgot
for the first time
to turn the radio

I was talking
to a new friend

can you forgive me
for forgetting
to turn the radio
and also
for living

These two poems are very touching.  Next month is National Poetry month and I'm going to try to share more poems in April.  I still haven't gotten my blogging mojo in gear, but I'll keep trying.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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