February 23, 2016


Diamonds Quilt 2 by Tara Faughana

I just got back from my first of four scheduled trips this year.  I only went two hours away, to Pasadena; I’m a native Californian but Pasadena has never been my stomping ground, so it was a lot of fun finding my way around.  I signed up to volunteer at Quiltcon West, the Modern Quilt Guild’s convention because I was going alone and didn’t know any other attendees.  You can read about the volunteering and see some of the quilts by clicking on the “fabric” tab, right under my header. 

My first night in Pasadena it was raining, so I decided to stay in the hotel to eat.  When I went down to the lobby the staff was very busy, so I approached another woman and asked if she knew where the restaurant was.  She didn’t, but I established she was another quilter; so I asked if she’d like to join me, find the restaurant and have dinner.  This gal was the total opposite of me.  She’s been quilting for years and has only finished one quilt!  She loves to read quilt magazines and books, loves to take quilting classes, but finishing a quilt isn’t important to her.  (I envision rooms full of stacks of blocks and quilt tops, just waiting to be assembled.)  Her goal is to finish two more quilts this year.   (I didn’t volunteer that I finish each quilt I start.)  I encouraged her to finish those two.  It was an interesting dinner!

No Sleep Till Brooklyn by Allison Chambers

The next day, Thursday, during my white glove shift, I met another volunteer Sue, who I really liked.  When I went to the volunteer room to check-out, Sue was there, so I asked her if she had plans for dinner, or if she was going home.  She was going home, but another volunteer Anna, who I hadn’t previously met, invited me to going her group for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at 6.  I said I’ll meet you there.  I almost didn’t because my shift had been 8 hours on my feet, I was tired and the Cheesecake Factory was almost a mile from my hotel.  In addition to Anna, there were Peggy and Tiffany.  I have to tell you we had the best time.  We laughed and shared stories and talked to 9 PM.  When I went to the ladies room, the Peggy and Tiffany told Anna that I was a “good find”, when I got back to the table they asked if I wanted to have dinner with them on Friday, too.  Of course I did!  The staff at the Cheesecake Factory was fabulous, too.  I didn’t want to walk home in the dark, so I called the Hilton for a ride.  When the driver got there, he noticed my friends walking away.  He said where are they going?  I told him that they were staying at the Marriott.  He said go get them, I’ll take them to their hotel!  Isn’t that amazing?

Every Little Schoolgirls Pride and Joy by Rebecca Burnett

The next night we didn’t know where to go, so we met up at 5 and decided to explore Old Town Pasadena.  We tried one place that looked good on Yelp, but it was empty and the menu was “unusual”, so we left.  We settled on Rocco’s Tavern.  The place was jumping with singles and families – we thought that was a good sign.  We were there in time for Happy Hour, Two for One!  I ordered a Blue Moon, in honor of Bob.  When the drinks came everyone got TWO.  I’m not a teetotaler, but I wouldn’t drink two beers.  I looked around and saw a young man wearing a Dodger cap, drinking a Blue Moon.  You see where this is going?   I walked over and asked if he’d like my 2nd beer since I wasn’t going to drink it.  He accepted!  His buddy told me it was Mr. Dodger’s birthday. 
We, four women, had another great time at dinner.  When Mr. Dodger and his buddy left, they stopped by our table and thanked me, again and shook my hand.  When we were ready to leave, I called the Hilton for a ride, and we delivered Anna, Peggy, and Tiffany to the Marriott.

Misswraith by Rossie Hutchinson

Saturday, my cousin was supposed to join me for lunch, but her husband was in the ER.  My dinner plans with the group also fell thru, too.  But I’m very good company, so I ate by myself.

I’m really sorry I didn’t get a photo of my new friends, but I’m following them on IG, so I can keep up with them.  Here’s links to their pages, in case you’re interested:  Ana, Peggy, Tiffany.  In addition to volunteering, they all took classes and workshops while at Quiltcon.  I didn't because I didn't know what to expect.

Modern Spelunking by Stephanie Ruyle

Sunday, I didn't volunteer, so I spent a couple of hours wandering around the vendors, and I got some good giveaways.  I didn't purchase anything because I don't need anything.  I did have two good encounters.  The first was when I was standing in line to get into the show.  I'd been talking to the two women in front of me, they were from Santa Rosa.  While we were talking, Jackie Gering, the MQG president, and famous quilter, stopped and gave them hugs and chatted with them.  Before Jackie left, I tapped her on the arm and told her that her Dad had made my quilt rack.  I asked her to tell him how much I love it and that I'm grateful.  She teared up, and thanked me.  Her Dad isn't well and no longer woodworking.  She wanted a photo with me to show him.

Jackie Gering and I.

The other connection happened when I was in another line at the Moda Grunge booth, the woman in front of me read my name tag and said, "I'm the president of the San Diego MQG, didn't you do our Quilt Along?"  I had!  So we chatted, and she invited me to come to their workshop with Lizzie House next month.  I just signed up.  This will be my first quilting workshop or class, ever!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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