January 30, 2015

The Last Bob Report

These are some of my favorite photos of Bob.  He got sick with cancer in June, when we got home from our 50th Anniversary cruise.  Cancer claimed him on Tuesday night, he was 74 years old.  When I saw him on Tuesday, during the day, he was optimistic and making plans for the future.  On Wednesday my daughters went with me to make his final arrangements.  We have a trust and a living will, so it was fairly easy and straightforward, because his wishes were spelled out.

He will be cremated and his remains will be interred at the Riverside National Cemetery, next month.  I'm doing OK, Bob and I were both very independent, so I'm use to doing for myself.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. Jan, I'm so sorry to read this. Please take care of yourself right now, I know you're independent but that's not all of it.

  2. Please know that I am thinking about you at this time. How are you doing?


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