August 7, 2014

Down, but not out

I have two of these beautiful Sally Holmes roses planted at the back of the house.  They climb as high as the roof, and shade our bedroom windows.  The bedroom faces east, so the roses protect from the heat of the morning sun.

When we came home from some morning appointments, one of the roses had lost it's support and fallen over.  I called David, our gardener, he came over right away, and he thinks the rose can be saved.

He trimmed off most of the bush, leaving the base, and hopefully it'll be saved.  I'll just need to get another trellis for it to climb on.

Here's a shot of Frisco and Ben on the loveseat.  It's amazing that they get along so well.  Ben's so small, he can walk/run right under Frisco's belly.  We are very lucky to have them.

Our morning appointments consisted of me having the annual boob squeeze, aka mamo; and Bob's having new problems.  He hurts when he breathes and the pain radiates to his back.  It has me scared.  The doctor asked one million questions, which is good, and ordered an xray.  I really hope it is a little thing, instead of a big thing.
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  1. I hope everything is O.K. with Bob, it's hard not to worry, but try.
    The rose is beautiful, keeping my fingers crossed that it will make it.
    As usual the dogs are adorable, have you entered the Pets on Quilts show yet with them?


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