April 19, 2014

Scully sings at Wrigley 04/19/98 and our vacation


Today, Bob and I are heading out of town, but not to a baseball game.  Next month is our 50th anniversary, and we decided to celebrate with a cruise.  We've been on several cruises, eight, I think, and this will be numbers 9 and 10 combined.  Tomorrow, we sail from LA, with stops in Mexico, Costa Rica, through the Panama Canal, Columbia and Florida.  We'll stay on the same ship and go across the Atlantic to Portugal, Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark.  When we leave Copenhagen, our plane will stop in Iceland, then we'll hit the States, in NYC and stay there for a bit.  Bob will fly home before me; I'm staying one more week for Book Expo America.

When I get home, I'll be sharing lot's of photos.  Count on it.
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  1. I hope that you have a wonderful time on your cruises. My husband and I are approaching 50 years of being married; we did meet 50 years ago on July 1 of this year. We married two and half years later.

    Happy Anniversary


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