April 14, 2014

Fun Monday

A bird, specifically Favorite Birds is what Sayre posted about, today.  We'll I'm not a birder, but I'm an animal lover and I do feed and watch the birds in my backyard, usually thru the patio door; so I don't disturb them.

I miss doing Fun Monday, I thought I'd join her today, and show some of the birds that show up in my backyard.

Some Lesser Goldfinch.

House Finch

Coopers Hawk, on a blustery day

A wren.

Since we don't have a dog at the moment, these mallards have been frequent visitors.

Yes, I know this is not a bird, but bunnies visit us frequently.
I think this is also because we're dogless.

No, we didn't get flamingos in the backyard, these are at the Zoo.

We will be rescuing a dog or two, in June, when we return from our trip.  We didn't think it'd be fair to recuse, then leave.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. A great collection of photos Jan, very enjoyable :)

  2. Oh how fun to get all those critters in your yard. I have a hawk that will scoop up the little sparrows that try to hide from him on my patio. Now when I see the hawk on the wire, I chase him away. I know all about the circle of life; but, not on my patio. LOL

  3. Love the birds, and the bunny is definitely there because there are no dogs currently :)


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