December 1, 2013

Daily posting

I'm married to a big geek.  He loves Sci-Fi and all things Big Bang.  When I saw this Tshirt, I knew I had to get it for him.  I found it on, in case you have to have one, too.

If you're used to seeing Bob with a Van Dyke goatee, he shaved it off a couple of weeks ago, while I was out at a meeting.  When I came home, he tried to convince me that he'd shaved it off in the morning, and I'd ignored him!  I didn't buy it, and he fessed up.  Life is never boring with Bob.

I made it, my goal was one post for each day in November; I did 31 post in 30 days.  I also over-achieved in October 36 post in 31 days.  Since I love the spirit of Christmas and all the festivities, I don't think I'll have a problem in December.  Here's hoping for at least 31 post this month.

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