November 4, 2013

The squeaky wheel

This post falls under the heading, "The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease".  After we'd been in this house about 10 years, one of our toilets developed a leak.  By that time, Bob had stopped doing plumbing repairs, or any household repairs for that matter, so I called our plumber, Phil, and told him we didn't want a repair, we thought it was time to replace both units.  Phil's a great guy, period, and we trust him.  When Bob was so sick he couldn't stand to take a shower, I called Phil and asked him to purchase whatever handheld shower he thought was best.  He came over and installed it.  He's that kind of guy, you can trust him.

He recommended one of the new toilets by Flushmate, when you flush them, they go whoosh, and  they're super efficient.  We gave him the green light, he did the work, and we were happy.  If a toilet can make you happy, these new units filled the bill.

About a year ago, the "toilet people" sent us a recall notice on both our toilets.  Now, it's not like a recall on your car, you can't take it to the dealership and have them take care of it.  No, this is toilets, and they're installed in the house.  I logged on to their website and arranged for the new items to be shipped to Casa Prytz.  When the small boxes arrived, I called Phil.  He came and installed the replacement parts.

After that, we were not happy campers.  Not at all.  We were even discussing purchasing replacement units, that's how unhappy we were.

This is what was wrong.  The toilets were no longer efficient, often they had to be reflushed.  Oh, bother.  Plus, the one in the Master Bath ran.  That's right, ran.  After flushing, 98% of the time you had to "stand-by" to see if you needed to jiggle the handle.  This was all very unacceptable.

Yesterday I decided, what the heck, I'm gonna email these toilet makers and tell them how very unhappy we were.  I figured the worse that could happen would be we'd be ignored and proceed to call Phil and get these suckers replaced.  Enough is enough.

This morning I got a call from the Flushmate company, the customer service person said they were sorry we were having these problems and they were going to send "two new units" to us.  We should have them in about 4 days.  Then we can call Phil.

This is my 3rd post this month, I'm one behind, but I'll catch up.  During the month I'll post on different subjects on my various blogs.  Keeping it' real for November NaBloPsMo.
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  1. we installed the "low volume" flush toilet about 10 years ago. WE Hate it. You DO have to stand there and reflush. AND.. it often gets plugged. I've used my plunger so often I think I have a plumbers license.

    We think we are going to eventually take it out. But we just haven't gotten around to it.

  2. When we moved into our new house, I started replacing toilets right away. Three of them. We went with a Jacuzzi efficiency and haven't had any problems at all. They're not as whoosh-y as they were at first, but that might be because we're used to them. The prior ones seemed to take forever to flush.

    Sounds like you've got a gem in Phil AND in the Flushmate company! I hope the new units are exactly what you want/need.

  3. Yea for that squeaky wheel thing. And it usually works!

  4. Having to deal with that many toilets over a short amount of time is very shitty....and yes, pun intended.

  5. I've heard that Canada is doing a lot of business here in the states since they don't force you to have the high efficiency toilets.


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