November 3, 2013

Fun Monday

Whoop, whoop.  Fun Monday was the first meme I participated in when I started blogging, six years ago.  I "met" a great bunch of bloggers, and was really disappointed when Fun Monday became more of a writing exercise than a fun sharing of our lives and photos.

I've just met Lisa, she's from New South Wales, Australia and she's hosting, this Fun Monday.  The topic is your favorite indoor or outdoor plant.

I'm a real plant lover, and though I have a small yard, it's packed with beautiful plants.  For today, I'll pick my Fourth of July rose.  Here's some shots.

I used this part of the yard when I did a video for our Parkinson's Support Group.  It's one of my volunteer gigs; I lead them once a month in some Tai Chi, the best exercise for Parkinson's Patients.  Bob and I made the video so they could do the exercises regularly.

And, I'm going to cheat and show my other favorite rose, Sally Holmes.

We have two of these, right outside our master bedroom.  They're real climbers and each stem carries it's own bouquet.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. Beautiful roses! I loved the Tai Chi video too, though your roses got the short end of the stick during the "looking back" pose.

  2. They're both beautiful! Loved your video too.

  3. we have no roses left. The neighbors trees block the sun. And, roses love sunshine.
    But... the hollyhocks I grew from your seeds bloomed twice this year.
    I had to fight the leaf worms again this year.

    I didn't watch the whole video. But, I saw how pretty your yard was for exercising.

  4. First of all, loved the video. Am so impressed with your form and how stable your lower half is. The setting is beautiful. My favorite is that climber ! Thanks for playing Fun Monday. I'll link you at my place.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I especially love the white ones. Your garden is amazing! <3 I have to out myself here as being Lisa from NSW. I do believe we have met before. ;-) I have had a bit of a name change on Facebook. Hugs xox

  6. monday is back...Yay!!! This was my first meme also! your flowers are gorgeous Jan and thanks for sharing the tai chi video..I just started doing these exercises for balance.

  7. These are beautiful and I love your garden. Fun Monday is great for being nosey oops I mean taking an interest!!!


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