November 19, 2013

Monday report

I had a really good day, yesterday. Bob had an appointment at his hematologist in San Diego. I love to drive, so I chauffeured him down there. While he did his thing, I took a walk. It was a beautiful day, slight breeze, in the mid 60's.

  • I walked up 5th Ave, browsed at Urban Outfitters, love that store. Stopped and bought a birthday card for my mean step-mother. Walked to the post office on 6th, and mailed it. 
  • Continued up 6th, for a while, then cut over to 5th to head back to the hospital. 
  • On 5th, I had a marriage proposal. It was from a homeless man pushing all his possessions in a shopping cart. He shouted the proposal from across the street. After I declined, he shouted that he really wanted to get married by Christmas. 
  • While I was waiting for the light to turn at Washington Street, I and about 15 other pedestrians witnessed a 3 car chain reaction accident. A guy in a green pickup ran into the rear end of a small SUV, causing the SUV to rear-end a sedan. The guy in the SUV got out to talk to the pickup driver, and taking cell phone photos of the damage. The pickup driver didn't want to talk, and sped off, but the SUV guy took his photo and a photo of his license plate. When he jackrabbit-ed off, he turned right, from the left lane, going the wrong way on a one-way street. Good times. 
Bob had a real good report from the hematologist; his systems are working better than they have for the past two years. Yay!

When I told Bob about the marriage proposal, he said, "That might have been Michael."!!! Apparently, Michael is one of the cancer patients at the hematology/oncology office, and he fit the description.

When we got home, Carrie called and wanted to know if I remembered the names of our two lovebirds. She couldn't remember, and neither could I. It was over 30 years ago, but I pretty much remember the names of all our other pets. One hour later, while looking at fabric, I remember one birds' name, Sarah Jane. Fifteen minutes after that I remembered the other name, Emily.
Backyard Birds in Aqua, Large
This is the fabric.

That's how my mind works, slow but steady. Yes, I emailed Carrie to let her know, actually two emails were sent.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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