October 29, 2013

We still have a ways to go

Bob and I are getting close to our 50th anniversary.  Earlier this year we booked a cruise for next May, to celebrate, we were married May 2, 1964.  I told Bob no cruises this year, he'd have to wait for the two week Trans-Atlantic cruise next year.  Such a hardship!


Yes, we leave from Miami and end up in Copenhagen.  This week I was noodling around the internet and discovered that the ship we're sailing on is leaving Los Angeles, two weeks earlier, and ending up in Miami, before continueing cross Atlantic.  I asked Bob if he wanted to sail from LA, instead of flying to Miami.  He gave the answer I was hoping for, and I booked a cruise thru the Panama Canal, leaving LA and ending in Miami.


At the end of the cruises, we'll stay in Copenhagen a couple of days, then fly to NYC.  We both love NYC; Bob will stay 3 or 4 days, then fly home.  I'm staying one more week to attend Book Expo America, the timing couldn't be better, and it may be my last year attending, (or not)!

If we stick to this plan, Bob will be away from home for 5 weeks and it'll be 6 weeks for me.  We've never done such an ambitious trip; the thought of how to pack for it is slightly overwhelming.  Only slightly.  We're both highly organized and I'm sure that'll help.
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  1. What a good choice, the cruise just getting to Miami will be wonderful.


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