October 17, 2013

Pinterest and me.

Do you "pin"?  Of course, you do!  Here's an excellent article about using Pinterest to drive your business or brand.  While the article is good, that's not why I pin.  I pin just for me!

Adam Hayes

I have many interests, Animals, Books, Cooking, Crafting, Love, Music, Quilting, Travel, etc, etc, so I have many boards.  When an image catches my eye, Pinterest is a great place to save it for future reference.  I try really hard to keep my boards organized; I want to be able to find that pin, when I need/want it.  I keep my boards in alphabetical order, not because I'm anal, but to make them easy to find.  If all the quilt boards are together, it makes it easier to find my next project.

deux petites souris: Positivity...

Just as important, to me, is where I get my pins.  Some I import from outside sources, online articles and other blogs; but most come from pinners I follow.  Who I follow is very important to me.  I have over 4700 followers and I follow about 410 pinners.  Some of those pinners are family or friends who feel like family, many pin very little, some pin a lot, and I follow all their boards.  All of them, even when I'm not interested; boards about tattoos, TV, vampires, blog love or fashion.  (I really don't like fashion boards.)  Family/Real Friends get a pass, and I look at all their pins because, to me, that's what family, blood or not, does.

Sunset field of sunflower, Buenos Aires, Argentina. | PicsVisit

The rest of the pinners I follow I either initially select which boards to follow, or I follow all their boards, then un-follow a board or even a pinner, when that board or pinner gets ridiculous, it's subjective you know.   Who do you follow?  If you want to follow me, this is the link to my boards:  http://www.pinterest.com/janprytz/boards/


All the photos, I've included in this post are recent pins of mine.  Click on the photo to get to the source.

BTW, my goal of posting every day in October, for NaBloPsMo, is still on track.  This is post #17 on day 17.  Of course, not all the post are on this blog, I have many interests, so I have many blogs!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. I have been pinning for awhile now, while I started it for me (like you) I also use it with my clients! It's a great tool. :)

  2. Pinterest is my go to for so much, I use it to relax, get inspiration or laugh, everything is there.


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