June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bob

Today is Bob's 73rd Birthday.  We're celebrating by going to a Los Angeles Dodger's game.  He wanted seats behind home plate for his gift.  Sharon and Oden are going with us.  I reserved a hotel room for the night; we live over 100 miles for Dodger Stadium, so I thought it'd be best not to have to drive home after the game.

This is our day:

  • Pack
  • Take Dudley to Camp Wildomar for his overnight home away from home.
  • In the afternoon drive to OC to check into our hotel.
  • Drive to Sharon's to pick up her and Oden
  • Drive to Dodger Stadium, watch the game against the Giants and have fun.
  • Drive back to OC, drop off Sharon and Oden.
  • Go to the hotel to sleep.


  • Drive home
  • Pick up Dudley
  • Resume "normal' life, I teach Tai Chi every Tuesday and we play cards with  group Tuesday evening.

I'm looking forward to celebrating many more of Bob's birthdays!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. Happy Birthday, Bob! You look good in this picture, hope you enjoy the festivities of the day ~

  2. Happy Birthday Bob! That sounds like a great day, getting the hotel is a good idea, turns it into a mini vacation :)


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