March 26, 2013


Notice the tag on his collar, Bark if you love Baseball!  We got it and his baseball collar in Cooperstown, last July.

Dudley came outside with me while I took a couple of photos of my quilts that are waiting to be finished with bindings.  I wanted to do an update regarding the supplements we are giving Dud for his arthritis.  We started him on Nzymes, first, because it arrived first.  We saw a bit of improvement, and it's easy to give because it's a chewable tablet.  Dudley thinks he's getting an extra treat.  About a week later the LubriSyn arrived.  It was a whole different story.  It's a thick liquid (like bath gel), and for his size, he gets a teaspoon.  Dudley doesn't want to take it, but he does.  The LubriSyn started helping him right away.  He's been taking it for 5 days now, and we've noticed considerable improvement.  It's definitely worth the effort to get it down his throat.
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  1. He is a cue little guy, and I am happy to hear his medication is helping.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad it's working. I'm passing this on to my daughter who is dealing with arthritis in one of my granddogs. Thanks.

  3. I hope the supplements continue to help. Dudley is sure a cute boy, we love the companionship of our fur babies ~


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