February 11, 2013


This was kinda fun.  I used photos from Bob's 70th birthday, so they're a little old; but we don't have current photos of us.

This is from a New Zealand dog adoption site.  What a fun way to match people to dogs.  It's funny that I'm matched to a Mastiff Cross and Bob to a Pug Cross.  

I was ready for a little fun, today.  We spent the morning in the ER; Bob's been having a lot of pain in one of his knees.  It just got worse and worse,  he made an appointment with an Ortho doc, but can't see him until the end of the month.  They took xrays, gave him an injection, 2 prescriptions and a full leg brace.  He's to wear the brace all day, see our Family Doctor in two days, and keep the Ortho appointment.  Here's hoping this all helps him.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. Sorry to hear about Bob's painful knees Jan. Hope something can be done for him soon. The dog comparisons were fun. What a good cause.

  2. That was fun, Brett & I got the same dog :)

    I hope dad's knees get some relief quickly. Tell him to stop kicking you and it might not hurt so bad.

  3. Sorry about your morning, but I hope the dog matching but a small smile on his face. I like Carrie's comment :).


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