January 5, 2013

A bit of a catch up

Not a lot of new "stuff" has been going on around here.

  • Bob's health has continued to improve, slow and steady.  He's been under the care of a GI doc in San Diego, for over a year, now; since he was hospitalized with neuropathy in his stomach.  She's done wonders for him.  We go to her office in San Diego twice a month for infusions.  It's so worth the drive, and I get to go the the zoo!  Bob still has a lot of pain related to back and leg issues, so he won't be running a Half Marathon or 10K, ever again.  His spirits are good, and he's happy.
  • I haven't worked for over 3 months, and the only thing I miss are the great people I worked with.  I really didn't miss working the holiday season this year with all it's craziness.  I worked in retail for over 20 years, 8 as a manager, 12 part time at B&N, and 3 part time at a frame shop.  It's good to be really retired.
  • I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions.  I'm more a cup half full kind of gal.  I did make two changes in December.  I started walking regularly.  The big one is I'm on a FABRIC diet.  I have enough fabric, I believe, to be able to sew for one year, without purchasing fabric.  I do fear running out of white, for background fabric.  I usually buy it by the bolt, but I could run out.
  • To help with the fabric diet, I entered a  tutorial in a online contest and was selected as 1 of 5 finalist!  That was big for me, and for being a finalist, I won a fabric shop gift certificate!  Yipee.  I was also notified I won some fabric from a manufacturer, this week.  Yay! 
  • We did have a great Christmas Dinner at our daughter Sharon's house.  For the past several years, since Carrie moved to NC, we've shared Christmas Day with Sharon's BFF's family.  Merging the two families a couple times a year was so much fun, but Kimberly has re-located to Iowa, and while we were all welcomed to join her, we decided to stay in semi-warm SoCal.  Sharon did a great job with the dinner and it was delicious.
That's the end of my catch up.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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  1. Thank you for the update. I was going to ask you how Bob was doing. I too am on a fabric diet. I could probably go 2 or 3 years without buying fabric. Sigh


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