November 7, 2012


Snowy pumpkin

No, we don't have snow on our pumpkins, here in Murrieta.  I totally pinned and shared this photo from my friend Judy, who lives in WI.  Her blog, Daily Yarns, and More, is great, filled with fabulous photos and tales of her and Jim's life.  They have a fabulous, large family and many adventures.

I shared this photo because it's the extreme opposite of Murrieta.  The first Autumn we lived here, 14 years ago, I decorated our front porch with pumpkins, real pumpkins; and they baked.  Literally baked!  It was pretty horrible, and I learned my lesson.  Now, all my Autumn decor is artificial.

We're going shopping for two computers, today.  We both have XP, on our pc's and Windows no longer supports XP.  Bob mainly plays games on his pc.  He has been known to check his email daily; and occasionally he'll do a little shopping.  Me, I use mine for EVERYTHING.  Last month Bob's pc failed as far as an internet connection, and since we knew we'd be shopping for new ones soon, we didn't call our computer geek, a retired Marine, to fix it.  Last week mine flashed me the "dreaded blue screen of death", and has been fine ever since, but I know it's time..

come on

The last thing on my mind is cheaters.  I had a giveaway on my quilting blog last month.  It was to celebrate reaching 100 followers.  The rules were really simple, 1. must be a follower, 2. must have an active blog.  You didn't even have to leave a comment, because I was using a linky party formant.  I thought it was pretty simple.  I had two people enter who did not have blogs, I was really surprised.  And several people entered who were not followers.  People must not think giveaway hosts check these things.  I do.  I imagine bloggers who host gigantic giveaways never check; but I'm small time, and I check.  I was surprised at the lack of integrity, all over the chance to win about $25.00 worth of prizes.

I love this Silly Walks clock

Now, we're off to shop.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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  1. I can relate to your pumpkin story Jan...the same thing happened to me when I lived in Orlando Fl. Being from the N.East I always had pumpkins as decoration for the fall..but learned just like you did, when I moved to Fl.


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