November 11, 2012

Aunt Vickie's 80th Birthday Party

Last night we went to a luau for my Aunt Vickie's 80th birthday.  There was in the ground roasted whole pig, poi and hula dancers.  Great party.  It was very cold for SoCal, by the time the hula dancers performed it was in the 40's

I didn't take near enough photos, mostly of the dancing, but here's a glimpse of the fun.  

The birthday girl.

My cousins hosted the party, Glenn above, and Karen and 
Darleene below.

Aunt Vickie, Aunt Shirley, and their brother William.

Photo overload of the dancers.

When I was a little girl, Aunt Vickie and her sister Aunt Shirley, taught me to hula.
I don't remember anything, but they can still hula.  
They got up reluctantly, but they really did a great job.

This was the Finale, Dancing with the Hula girls.  First they got a lesson then the guys rocked their hula moves.  Robert, Aunt Shirley's son won!

This is how we party in SoCal.

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  1. Oh what fun Jan, a little late but Happy Birthday to your Aunt Vickie. All your photos were great and gave me a good feel for that party.


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