August 5, 2012


About 8 years ago, Bobs' Uncle Charles died.  Less than a year later Aunt Lorraine's house burned down.  Suddenly she was a widow with no home.  She lost many things in the fire, but she managed to save a number of photos.  This one of Uncle Charles in his youth, she keeps on her dresser.   I think he and Bob looked alike.

This is a photo of Bob and I, back in the day and below is Bob's cousin Chuck, fishing with Oden.

Every time we visit Wisconsin, Bob's cousins marvel at how much he looks like their Dad.  We think there's a strong family resemblance, between the generations.  Uncle Charles, Bob, Chuck and Oden all have a strong resemblance.  Below is Brett, he's 16 now, but I think you can see the resemblance in him, too.

When Brett was about 2 years old, I showed him a photo of Bob at about the same age,  I said, who is this?  He said, That's Brett.
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  1. Yep...I can see the resemblance too!

  2. Lovely post -- I do think they look alike. But I keep thinking about the aunt -- to lose your husband and then your home, boy, that is a trial.

  3. Hi Frances here. Your daughter Carrie, who looks so much like you, is a dear blog buddy. And she keeps things ticking for me online too! Just wanted to say I love all your blogs. Old family photos are the best. Waving at you from NYC


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