June 23, 2012

White Roofs

I didn't take many photos in Bermuda this year.  Bob's energy isn't back to normal, it may never be; so we did a lot of relaxing and Bob did a lot of napping.  I didn't take of on my own, we've been to Bermuda twice before and have done pretty much all the touristy exploring that interested us.
One thing that's unique to Bermuda is the white roofs.  The roofs are slate that have been whitewashed.  There are a lot of laws and regulations about the roofs in Bermuda; essentially, stepped slates mortared in place and painted white, the better to catch the rain for the fresh water supply.  Bermuda has no fresh water source, except rainwater, so they heavily regulated roofs.  Everyone, rich, poor, residence or business has a white roof, every structure.  Here are some white roof shots from this year and past years.

Downtown Hamilton.

Old houses

New condos.


Even buildings over 200 years old.

The is the Governor's House.  

This year we saw goats frolicking on the grounds, but I didn't "catch" any.

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  1. Those white roofs also help cool the buildings during the summer by reflecting sunlight!

  2. how gorgeous are those mint green houses!?


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