April 25, 2012

Family Tales

Here's a Prytz Family tale for you, actually two true stories.

All during my pregnancy with Carrie, I was 23 years old.  I was due on July 1st, and I really, really didn't want to deliver on that date because that was my FIL's b'day; and he was a "real son of a gun".  On July 8, I was fabric shopping.  I was looking for fabric to make some "skinny" clothes; I was so ready not to be pregnant; while shopping, my water broke.  It didn't gush, it just started trickling.  I drove home and waited to see what would happen.  It was an exciting day, and it was my 24th birthday.  I spent the rest of the day and night in labor, and Carrie was born 27 minutes after midnight on July 9, 1968.  She got to have her own birthday date!  I always thought that was a good thing, not sharing birthdays.

Fast forward 24 years, Carrie and Ole have decided to get married.  They set the date, April 25, 1992.  Bob and I are very happy for them.  We love Ole, and are excited to have him be our son in law.  But wait, Bob and I were married on May 2, 1964, and May 2, is one week after April 25.  I asked Carrie if she'd wait one week, and share our anniversary.

She said she'd thought about it, but decided against it because that was her future MIL's b'day, and future MIL fit into the same "real son of a gun" category as my FIL.  So the date was set, April 25, the budget was given, the wedding was planned.  Carrie and Ole's wedding was a wonderful affair; it took place in the Rock Garden at the Los Angeles Police Academy.   They honeymooned in Hawaii.

We were so glad Carrie stuck to her guns about the date.  Here's what was happening one week later on 5/2/1992, Los Angeles was in the middle of a riot; the 2nd Watts Riots.  All of SoCal was under a curfew, Bob was working mandatory 12 hour shifts, I never saw him.  LA was burning.  They were using the LA Police Academy as a command post/staging area.  {Carrie and Ole's wedding couldn't have taken place there.  Anywhere else, Bob would not been able to attend.}

When Carrie and Ole flew home from their honeymoon, they flew into LAX, with LA burning below them.  Sharon and I broke the curfew, and drove the empty freeways from Long Beach to LAX.  It was scary and strange; we were packin', too.  When we got out of the car at LAX, we left our "heat" in the car trunk.  We were questioned numerous times by arriving passengers, about what was happening and how safe was it for them to leave the airport.

We were so glad Carrie and Ole were home, and we were so glad they'd gotten married on April 25.

Happy Twentieth Anniversary, Carrie and Ole.

Ole is camera shy, this is a family Christmas card from 2010.
(If you want to wish them Happy Anniversary, you can visit Carrie's blog - http://www.carrieloves.com/)
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  1. Jan,
    Love that you recording the stories for your family. I'm sending the link of your blog to my friend Kathy who adores family stories. She is recording them for her grandchildren.

    Our wedding anniversary is June 6th. It was my maternal grandparents anniversay, and my parents anniversary. It was just a fluke that we married on the same date. Marion had already moved to the Atlanta area. It was the first Saturday after I had finished my school year. It is wonderful connecting to my family that way.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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