April 15, 2012

Bob Report

I thought I'd do a brief Bob Report today.  It's been 6 months since he got so sick; I'm happy to report that he's still getting better every day.  He's hasn't had any set-backs and to me, that's terrific.  Bob's back to driving.  Having your independence back is very important.  I drive if we're going somewhere together, but Bob can drive himself to PT, or the store.  Right now, he's at the grocery with my shopping list

Bob's also back to walking our dog.  I think he missed walking the dogs, more than anything.  Now that we're down to just one dog, it's a bit easier.

Part of his recovery involves me giving him injections at home.  Every weekend I give him two injections of different Vitamin B compounds.  When we were newlyweds, I was very anemic, and Bob gave me injections of B-12.  Now I'm repaying the favor.

On Friday, we saw his Hematologist, in San Diego.  She had us go across the street to Mercy hospital, so I could learn to give Bob another different injection, each week.  This one will be in the arm, not the butt.  The Hematologist said so many men don't want their wife to give them an injection, so she was proud of Bob having no objections.

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