February 23, 2012

New project

This is what I did, today.  Painted our house number on the curb.  Several years ago the HOA hired someone to do this job.  They must have used the cheapest paint on the market.  The numbers didn't last 6 months.  The local fire department decreed that we didn't really need the numbers on the curb, so the HOA decided not to have them re-done.

I disagreed and decided to paint ours.  I did some research and ordered a kit, so I could do ours and our 92 year old neighbor's curb.  After all, I wouldn't expect her to paint her curb.  She's 92, for Pete's-sake.  I used spray paint that I had on hand from past projects, and I'm very please with the results.  Ours has some over-spray, but Reta's turned out perfect!
Be well and do good,

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