January 21, 2012


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Very little good can come out of the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster.  Perhaps photos like these are the an exception.

Bob and I have cruised a lot, and while we're not going to Italy to cruise anytime soon, we did book a cruise to Bermuda for this June.  It sails out of NYC, I'll already be there, so Bob will fly in, in time to board the ship.  We've gone to Bermuda twice before, and think it's wonderful.  It'll be a good "first outing", for Bob after his illness.  He assures me he'll be "cruise-ready" by June.
Be well and do good,

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  1. You can't help but feel a little concerned about going on a cruise after this disater! But I think cruising is relatively safe for the most part! I would love to see Bermuda...a ship leaves from Baltimore to Bermuda and its only 1hr from our house...we may just do it one day! Gald to hear Bob is well on his way to better health!


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