November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving photos

These were taken using the self timer on my pocket sized Cannon.  You know, press the button and dash to get in the shot.  I really like the top one, but Oden didn't like that his chin looked like a double chin.  He's slimmed down considerably, growing to me quite the young man.  He grew 1 entire inch in the past month!
He like following photo much better.

I've taken down the Autumn decor, but I thought I'd include a couple of photos.
I pulled some of my Autumn things from garage storage and under the bed, to decorated a little for Fall.  I"ve had the little man and woman for probably 30 years.  At the old house they were in the kitchen year round.  The  fat quarter wrapped toilet-paper pumpkins, in front of the small scarecrow, adorned the front of the fireplace.

Hope your Thanksgiving and the long weekend were wonderful.
Be well and do good,

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