October 1, 2011


This morning bright and early, I headed off to the Temecula Outdoor Quilt Show.  The quilt show was great, but it was hot and humid, so I didn't stay as long as usual.
While I was taking photos of this beautiful cactus, a woman stopped and asked me what kind of cactus it was.  If I'm photographing a cactus, I must know what type it is!  There were also some insects on the cactus and she demanded to know what they were, too!  Jeez.
Here are a couple of my favorites.  Aren't they great?  If you're interested in more quilt photos, I've posted some here.

Our plans for tomorrow have changed.  We were going to the MCAS Mira Mar Air Show, always a great time; but Bob's back has thrown him for a loop, and he can barely walk.  Sharon and I discussed, briefly, going without him, but decided he's the reason we go.  We'll go next year, hopefully.
Bob is scheduled for treatment at the pain management center on Monday afternoon.  It can't come fast enough!

Be well and do good,


  1. Those quilts are so pretty. The Mira Mar air shows are so much fun. We were just in LaJolla on Thursday!

  2. Found you through your daughter's blog. Your pics are gorgeous!


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