October 26, 2011

Still Medium

Aged paint technique with soap.

  • Bob is pretty much the same.  High pain level, nauseated, loosing weight.  The only thing that I'm happy about is the loosing weight.

  • He's seen all the important doctors, since leaving the hospital.  The GP, the Cardiologist, and the Hematologist, and most importantly, right now, the Pain Management doctor.

  • Tomorrow Bob's going to have a procedure at the Pain Management center, that should take care of the back, leg and knee pain.  Keep your fingers crossed.

  • Needle

  • I'm getting along fine.  Despite Bob's pain, he's made a concentrated effort to be pleasant.  His effort has made my "care taker" role so much easier.

  • When I have time, I've been blog reading and pinning.  Love Pinterest!  What a lifesaver it's been; I call it creative time-wasting, just what I need right now.

  • Cute need to do something similar

  • If you want to read a fun blog post, check this one.  I think she should change the name of her blog to That Mom.

  • Tickled
    Be well and do good,


    1. Sorry. Still praying for the best. We love our good men, bless Bob's heart for his attitude ~

    2. I'm glad you & dad are doing good (I told him to mind you & behave - who knew he would listen!?)

    3. Good luck to Bob with this procedure...hope it does the trick and gives him a new lease on life! Hang in there my friend...this too shall pass!

    4. Sending Hugs and prayer Jan!!

    5. First I love the green P. Hoping and praying that relief comes tomorrow with the doctor's visit. Hang in there. That Mom is priceless1


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