September 22, 2011

Quilty growl.

In the past 6 months I've given 4 quilts away to families with new babies.  All hand-made by me.  I make quilts when inspiration strikes, I choose the fabric, pick or design the pattern, assemble everything; each piece is unique and made with my love and sometimes blood.  Quilts take a long time to make; I usually have an idea, carry it to fruition, then quilt waits until I have someone to gift it to.  In other words, these baby quilts are not usually made with a particular baby in mind.

Three of those quilts were received in person and I got a warm thank you and a hug.  Hugs are great thank yous.  The fourth quilt was mailed off, with a note and a book, to a relative in NoCal.  I FB'd that the package was on the way.  I've never heard a thing, and I'm really disappointed.

Today I was blog-reading, I know, gasp!, and came across this, at I'm a ginger monkey:

Sometimes I make quilts for new babies and don't get much of a response from the parents. That really irks me. I could go to the Gap and buy a few onesies. I could buy you a rattly bear. I could spend literally a few bucks and have a gift boxed stack of stuff for you. But instead I make you a quilt, because it shows I care about you and want to welcome your child into the world with a hug. If I'd given you a cheque for $600, would you appreciate it more? Yeh, probably. But then I wouldn't be as true to myself.

Now my gift quilts were lap-sized and not worth $600, more in the $180 - $250, range, but I also thought my quilts were better than a onesie or a bear.  That's what I get for thinking, I guess.  The photos are the four quilts I gave away, don't you think they all deserve a thank you?
Be well and do good,


  1. Quilty Growl - that's a cute title. :)

    I say yes, they all deserve a ty.

    But maybe there is a good reason they haven't responded.

    I would call and see if it arrived. It might not have, or maybe something else happened in their day-to-day?

    You never know.

  2. Every gift given deserves a Thank U...its just proper etiquette. Younger people lack this! Such a shame! Your quilts are so beautiful Jan!

  3. All the quilts are so beautiful Jan. You definitely deserve a thank you and I'm so sorry that you didn't.

  4. I'm with Carrie maybe something just never know and I would give them the benefit of doubt and maybe just call to see if the package made it. A lot of people don't realize the time,love and effort that goes into making a quilt. I do and I cherish all of mine and I love to give them away to people that I love. Just wish there were about 48 hours to each day so I could make one for all my 'loved; ones. I am really far behind in that area. Yours are beautiful!


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