September 5, 2011

Fiction (or Not)

I have some great blog friends.  I've met a few IRL, there are a couple that I have their phone numbers.  My address list has many entries for bloggers, we've exchanged cards, prizes and gifts.  One of my long time blog friends is Lisa, when she read my post about Carrie re-doing my blog, she put her thinking cap on and came up with some F words for my book tab.  They're so much better than Good Reads; nothing wrong with Good Reads, but it didn't fit my F theme.  Here are Lisa's suggestions, "Carrie does a great job! :) Fun Reads? Fantasies? Fiction (and non)? Flippin Pages? :0)"    I emailed Carrie, we don't call often, we live on different coast, and between Carrie, Lisa and I, the new tab for Loves Books and Teas, is "Fiction (or Not).

Thanks, Lisa and Carrie.
Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you liked my last little tweak... happy blogging!

    p.s. I'm in love with your blogs right now!


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