September 6, 2011

Autumn Decor

We really never have Autumn, here in SoCal, not like the rest of the country.  It's offically Autumn, now, but it's 100 degrees outside.  Never the less, I like to decorated for Fall. This weekend I pulled some of my Autumn things from storage, to place in the living room.  I"ve had the little man and woman for probably 30 years.  At the old house they were in the kitchen year round.

These fabric pumpkins are TP, wrapped in batting, then wrapped in a FQ, fat quarter.  Instead of a cinnamon stick for the stem, I rolled another FQ and stuffed it in the center.

Do you decorate each season?
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  1. It looks nice Jan...I am starting to bring out my fall decorations...this is my fave time of year!!!I pretty much decorate for all the seasons!

  2. Love the old bike and ABC's my kind of decor. We haven't started to decorate yet still trying to clean up the yard.

  3. Great decorating and what cute little pumpkins!

  4. I love Autumn. It is Oklahoma's best season. And I love Halloween. You don't have to buy other people stuff, they don't have to get you stuff, and nobody pities you if you spend Halloween alone.


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