August 23, 2011

Where Did You....

spend your honeymoon?  Anything exciting happen while there?  This question was posed, tonight by Thearica of Pigtales and Quilt fame.  Go here to read her post.

We were young when we got married, 19 and 23.  I spent 6 months planning the wedding and making my wedding gown; I didn't give a thought to a honeymoon.  Bob and I had each started new jobs during that time, and we knew there wouldn't be a typical week of honeymoon; that was logical and we really didn't talk about it.

Here we are, after our church reception.  The best man, Ron, drove us to my parents' house, in his Rambler, to change out of our wedding attire, into "going away" clothing.  We'd hidden Bob's car in the garage, so no own would vandalize it, but my Uncle Glen managed to tie a string of empty cans to the rear bumper.

We left my parents house, in Long Beach, got to Pacific Coast Highway, and Bob said, "Which way, left or right?"  I was stunned that he'd made no plans for our wedding night.  Since I knew what was down the road, if we turned left, (the rest of Long Beach); I said right.  Bob turned right, and we drove and drove.  After driving over an hour and traveling about 60 miles on surface streets, we were in Malibu.  Bob turned right, again, at Sunset Blvd, found a motel, and we shared our first night together.

Left or Right Turn ahead Only Sign

One of Bob's many nicknames is Mr. Right or Left.  He doesn't think that's funny.  I do, I really do.
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  1. That is SO sweet!! Mr. Right or Left is great!!!! really!! :)

  2. Love the story!!

    We went to Corpus Christi/San Antonio, TX for our honeymoon 9 months after the wedding. I spent one night (my birthday) in the ER! Cute huh!!!


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